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  • Mr Rhys Evans operates regularly at the Lister Hospital, the Cromwell Hospital and also at the Harley Street Clinic. Paediatric cases are carried out at the Cromwell Hospital and at the Harley Street Clinic or Portland Hospital.
  • Operating sessions are usually on Tuesday afternoons or Wednesday mornings, but other times can be arranged if necessary.
  • Most operations are either done as day cases or may involve one or possibly two nights in hospital.
  • Ear operations include: Excision of lesions and tumours of the external ear and ear canal, bony and soft tissue meatoplasty, drainage of fluid from the middle ear (myringotomy),grommet insertion (adult and paediatric), repair of ear drum perforation (myringoplasty), excision of pre-auricular sinus and cysts, excision of exostoses.
  • Nose operations include: Cautery of the septum, septoplasty, Sub mucous resection of the septum (SMR), reduction of the turbinates (diathermy, partial excision), polypectomy, sinus washouts, antrostomies, endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS), ethmoidectomy.
  • Throat operations include: Tonsillectomy (paediatric and adult), adenoidectomy, pharyngoscopy, laryngoscopy, tracheoscopy, microlaryngoscopy, oesophagoscopy, cordectomy, vocal chord polypectomy or nodule excision, vocal chord implants, pharyngeal pouch excision (endoscopic or external)
  • Mouth operations include: Biopsies, excision of leukoplakia (white patches), excision of mucosal cysts and tumours, excision of ranula or sub-lingual gland, partial glossectomy.
  • Neck operations include: Lymph node excision, selective neck dissection, radical and modified radical neck dissection, branchial cyst excision,
  • Thyroid/para-thyroid operations include: Thyro-glossal cyst excision, thyroidectomy (partial or total), excision of retro-sternal goitres, parathyroidectiomy, re-operations
  • Pharyngeal/Laryngeal operations include: Partial or total laryngectomy, tracheostomy, pharyngeal pouch excision (endoscopic or external), para-pharyngeal space tumour excision
  • Salivary gland operations include: Partial or total parotidectomy, submandibular gland excision, excision of intra-oral swellings/tumours