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  • Mr Rhys Evans sees patients who are referred from their own NHS or their work doctors, or private General Practitioner and also those who are referred from other consultant colleagues
  • He also sees a number of patients who are referred from Embassies and other Health Care Organisations, or from abroad
  • It is helpful to have a referral letter, but sometimes if it is an urgent situation and if the patient is seen as an emergency, there is little time to see a doctor and get a referral letter.
  • With five clinics during the week, it is almost always possible for patients to be seen within 24-48 hours.
  • If operations are thought necessary, these can usually be arranged within 1-2 weeks at the hospital which is most convenient for the patient.
  • At initial consultation, patients are asked to fill out a registration form
  • Initial consultations would normally last for about 30 minutes and follow-up visits about 15 minutes.


  • At the initial consultation Mr Rhys Evans would take a clear history of the problem, the patient’s other medical history and any other associated conditions
  • He would then carry out a clinical examination of the head and neck area, which would depend to some extent on the particular symptoms, whether it was an ear, a nose, a throat or a neck problem.
  • For ear problems it may be necessary for the patient to sit on a couch so that a microscope can be used to examine the ear canal under higher magnification to remove wax and examine the ear drum in close detail. Sometimes a small suction is used to remove wax or discharge.
  • For swallowing and voice problems a small fibre-optic endoscope is used to examine the throat which is gently passed through the nose after some local anaesthetic spray. This takes only a few minutes but gives valuable information about any abnormality.